results P90X Extreme Home Fitness System (13 DVDs) (Repost)
Author: arslankhan P90X Extreme Home Fitness System (13 DVDs) (Repost) | 7.38 GB | RS + HF + ULD
Genre: eLearning
Details Fast Download Iphone SDK tutorials
Author: thanhbinh8702 Iphone SDK tutorials | 1.6 GB

At, take advantage of our lesson packages for a variety of purposes. These include PHP, Objective-C & Cocoa, Java, Visual Basic, and more. Our goal is to make all users fluent in the language they've chosen to learn. Our online video tutorials provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. Every one of our videos features a detailed walkthrough (accompanied by explanations) of how to accomplish whatever task it covers. Learn to use Objective-C and the iPhone SDK, with all of its included libraries like the UIKit and Foundation, to write fully functioning iPhone and iPod touch applications. Details Fast Download Photoshop PSD layer DVD 1
Author: skygfx Photoshop PSD layer DVD 1
PSD | 3.95 Gb | RS | hotfile
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Adobe Illustrator CS4 ME 14.0.0 with Training Collection
Author: ahmedosman44

Adobe Illustrator CS4 ME 14.0.0 with Training Collection | 10.54 GB Total

The latest version of Adobe's industry-standard vector graphics application is here.I wouldn't want to have the job of coming up with new features for Adobe Illustrator, because it certainly wouldn't be easy to dream up something new for version 14 of the industry-standard vector drawing program. As one of those programs that has been honed and honed to near perfection, it's hard to think of something that it really lacks. Still, there is one missing feature that would come to the minds of the many Illustrator users who have been clamoring for it over the years: the ability to add multiple artboards.Well, it's your lucky year, vector pushers—multiple artboards are finally here. Illustrator CS4 breaks the single document mold pretty well too, letting you add up to 100 artboards of varying sizes. Details Fast Download Photoshop Tutorials 21 Separated Collection
Author: ahmedosman44 Photoshop Tutorials 21 Separated Collection | MOV | 36.11 GB is an award-winning education provider of Hands-On Training instructional books, video training on CD & DVD, self-paced online learning, and events for creative designers, developers, instructors, students, hobbyist, and anyone who wants to learn. Details Fast Download
Lynda.Com MS Office 2007 System Suite Training
Author: b1u3eyes

Lynda.Com MS Office 2007 System Suite Training | 3.7 GB

I collect training courses of the MS Office 2007 from There might be anyone of these here, but I added new stuff and updated. I hope this helps you.
Details Fast Download - Photoshop CS3 Tutorials
Author: 0ay_lotfy0 - Photoshop CS3 Tutorials collection | RS | 16 GB
Training | English

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3Dtrainer.Com Collection
Author: pria

3Dtrainer.Com Collection | 3.5 GB
Details Fast Download : Fun English Lessons (2009-2010) with PDFs
Author: deadly_zone : Fun English Lessons (2009-2010) with PDFs
Andrew and Addison Best | 2009 | MP3+PDF | 2 GB

We are two brothers from Canada. We grew up near Toronto and are now living in Shanghai. We’ve been to many different countries and have travelled all over China. We’ve seen and taught thousands of students who find learning English difficult and boring. We decided to make something interesting and useful so that students could improve their English rapidly, while having fun at the same time. Details Fast Download - Video Tutorials for After Effects Vol.07
Author: dixe4banh - Video Tutorials for After Effects Vol.07
English | FLV | AVC1 1280x720 | MP3 128 Kbps | 4.50 GB
Genre: eLearning

Aetuts+ is a site made to house and showcase some of the best After Effects tutorials around.

We publish tutorials that not only produce great effects, but explain them in a friendly, approachable manner. We also stock up links to tutorials, articles, presets and plugins from around the web to help you get the most out of After Effects. Details Fast Download
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