Twist again à Moscou (1986)
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Twist again à Moscou (1986)
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Comedy | Director: Jean-Marie Poiré | Starring: Philippe Noiret, Bernard Blier, Christian Clavier, Marina Vlady

In 1984, some years before the fall of Communism, pop singer Tatiana tours Soviet Russia, accompanied by her boyfriend Iouri. One of her concerts is stormed by the KGB, who are pursuing her father, a university professor charged with supporting a Jewish student. Iouri turns to his brother-in-law, Igor Tataiev, the manager of a luxury hotel in Moscow, but his request for help falls on deaf ears. Igor has his own problems, since his hotel is to be scrutinised by a single-minded apparatchik, Boris Pikov, who intends to report any sign of dissidence to his superiors.
En URSS, le dernier concert de Tatiana, la nouvelle idole des jeunes Moscovites, est interrompu par un incident : le K.G.B. est à la recherche de son père, Fedor, un professeur d'université qui a pris fait et cause pour un étudiant juif souhaitant partir en Israël. Tatiana, sa famille et Iouri, son petit ami, décident alors de prendre la fuite.
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