Camilla Läckberg - Der Leuchtturmwärter
Author: thingska

Camilla Lackberg - Der Leuchtturmwarter
Time: 07:24:00 | Publisher: HorbucHHamburg | ASIN: B00B0YRI1E | 14. Januar 2013
Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 128 kbps | ~420 MB

Schriftstellerin Erica Falck hat mit ihren Zwillingen alle Hände voll zu tun, seit ihr Mann Patrik wieder im Polizeidienst ist. Sie findet kaum Zeit für ihre Schulfreundin Annie, die gerade in das idyllische Fischerdorf Fjällbacka zurückgekehrt ist. Annie zieht in das kleine Haus auf der Leuchtturminsel vor der Küste. Dort soll es nachts spuken, und dunkle Legenden ranken sich um den Ort. Annie scheint es nicht zu stören, vor allem als Mats,ihre erste große Liebe, zu ihr zurückkehrt. Doch dann wird Mats brutal ermordet. Patrik und Erica beginnen zu ermitteln. Details Download
The Lost Boy by Camilla La¨ckberg (Audiobook)
Author: naag

The Lost Boy by Camilla La¨ckberg
Harper Collins Publishers Ltd | English | 2013 | ASIN: B00BTTJE08 | 14 hrs and 36 mins | MP3 @ 64 Kbps | 378 MB
Details Download
Camilla Läckberg - Il predicatore (RePost)
Author: anthony93fr

Camilla Läckberg - Il predicatore (RePost)
Italian | Marsilio | True PDF | 233 Pages | ISBN: 8831706810 | 2010 | 1 Mb
Details Download
Dreaming of Elisabeth: A Short Story
Author: Balisik

Camilla Lackberg "Dreaming of Elisabeth: A Short Story"
Harper | English | November 13, 2014 | ASIN: B00KFDR67C | 19 pages | azw, epub, lrf, mobi | 3,45 mb

A short story from No. 1 international bestseller and Swedish crime sensation Camilla Lackberg, perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. Malin and Lars have embarked on an epic sailing trip. But during the trip Malin starts to have strange dreams about Lars’ ex-girlfriend, Elisabeth. As his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Malin becomes convinced that Lars is responsible for the death of his ex. Trapped on a boat with nowhere to go, Malin fears he is next on the list... Details Download
An Elegant Death: A Short Story
Author: Balisik

Camilla Lackberg "An Elegant Death: A Short Story"
Harper | English | November 13, 2014 | ASIN: B00KFDR686 | 19 pages | azw, epub, lrf, mobi | 3,34 mb

A woman brutally murdered, a Chanel jacket worth half a million, someone who thought it worth killing for, and an ending that will have you chuckling to yourself. An Elegant Death is murderous black humour by Camilla Lackberg. Details Download
The Ice Princess
Author: G-N.Team

The Ice Princess: A Novel by Camilla Lackberg
Publisher: Pegasus; 1 edition (June 15, 2010) | ISBN : 1605980927 | 400 pages | EPUB, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDF, RTF | 6.4MB

For the first time in English, the psychological thriller debut of No.1 bestselling Swedish crime sensation Camilla Lackberg.Returning to her hometown after the funeral of her parents, writer Erica Falck finds a community on the brink of tragedy. The death of her childhood friend, Alex, is just the beginning. Her wrists slashed, her body frozen in an ice cold bath, it seems that she has taken her own life.Erica conceives a memoir about the beautiful but remote Alex, one that will answer questions about their lost friendship. While her interest grows to an obsession, local detective Patrik Hedstrom is following his own suspicions about the case. But it is only when they start working together that the truth begins to emerge about the small town with a deeply disturbing past.
Details Download
The Widows' Cafe: A Short Story
Author: Balisik

Camilla Lackberg "The Widows' Cafe: A Short Story"
Harper | English | November 13, 2014 | ASIN: B00KFDR69K | 21 pages | azw, epub, lrf, mobi | 3,19 mb

Marianne has opened a cafe in memory of her husband: Café Widows. Most customers that walk through the door are middle aged women, accompannied by men whose behaviour is often quite unpleasant. Suddenly there is a policeman on the doorstep, confronting Marianne with the news that there have been several deaths recently. Men of all different ages and origins are dying of heart attacks, after visiting Cafe Widows. Could it just be a coincidence, or is there something more sinister at play? Details Download
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