Ontrack PowerControls 4.10 Standard Edition
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Ontrack PowerControls 4.10 Standard Edition | 25 MB

Ontrack PowerControls 4.10 Standart Edition is a tool for Microsoft Exchange Server Administrators to quickly and easily restore a single mailbox, folder or even a single message from any previous full backup to any mailbox on the network or directly into an Outlook .PST file on a local drive. It is designed to slash restore times and eliminate the need to do brick-level backups.
PowerControls, mailbox recovery software by Ontrack Data Recovery, solves the problem by allowing administrators to restore individual messages, mailboxes, attachments, and even notes, contacts and tasks, from a previous full backup. The software can directly read .EDB files, and so there is no need for doing a brick-level backup to restore individual messages and mailboxes. It lets you search across all mailboxes in an archive .EDB file, rather than searching one mailbox at a time or bringing an old backup back online for analysis. You can search by a variety of criteria, including keywords, subject, date and specific users. Individual mailboxes need not be backed up because they can be restored directly from an .EDB file.
PowerControls does not require you to change your normal backup process – it works in concert with your current backup procedures. And if you change those procedures, it will work with them as well. Additionally, Power Controls will work with backups that you have already done, so you can restore data from any backups that exist prior to installing PowerControls. Details Very Fast Download!
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Details Very Fast Download!
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