Playboy Polônia - 12/2008
Author: Schulli
Playboy Polônia - 12/2008
PDF | 14 Pages | 7 MB

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Playboy Polônia - May 2008
Author: Schulli

Playboy Polônia - Natalia Szygula May 2008
JPEG | 4 MB | 12 pics
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Otto Preminger- Bonjour tristesse (1958)
Author: supersoft

Bonjour tristesse (1958)
90 min | Lavc51 (MP4) 704x304 | 993 kb/s | 25 fps | 128 kb/s MP3 | 729 MB + 3% recovery record
English | Subtitles: French and Spanish .srt | Genre: Drama

In the French Riviera, the spoiled and futile seventeen years old girl Cecile is spending the summer vacation with her father, the widow playboy and bon-vivant Raymond, and his girlfriend Elsa. Cecile has a serious Complex of Oedipus with her father, and they have a quite incestuous relationship. The successful designer and former friend of her mother Anne Larson arrives in their seaside house invited by Raymond to spend a couple of days with them, and the life of Cecile changes when Raymond proposes Anne to marry him. Full of jealousy, Cecile plots with Elsa to separate Anne from Raymond. From the novel by Françoise Sagan.

Un verano radiante en la Riviera Francesa. Cecile, una difícil e independiente adolescente, hace lo imposible por separar a su padre, Raymond, un atractivo y mujeriego viudo, de su amante, Anne Larson. Movida por el temor de perder el cariño de su padre y los celos que Ann le provoca, no cesará en su empeño de dividir a la pareja. Details Download
Jean-Luc Godard and Dziga Vertov Group DVD Boxset (1968-1974) [ReUp]
Author: Someonelse

Jean-Luc Godard and Dziga Vertov Group DVD Boxset (1968-1974)
A Films by Jean-Luc Godard, Jean Henri Roger, D.A. Pennebaker, Jean Pierre Gorin
4xDVD9 + 1xDVD5 | ISO+MDS | PAL 4:3 | ~700 mins | Total: 33,09 Gb
Audio: French, English, Czech, Italian - AC3 2.0 @ 256 Kbps (see below) | Subs: Spanish
Genre: Drama, War, Documentary | Italy, France, USA, West Germany, UK

Films made between 1968-1974 by the radical film collective the Dziga Vertov Group (Groupe Dziga Vertov), most notably including Jean-Luc Godard along with Jean-Pierre Gorin. Their films are defined primarily for Brechtian forms, Marxist ideology, and a lack of personal authorship. The group was dissolved soon after the completion of 1972's Letter to Jane. Details Download
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